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Logo Design

Your choice of logo design is one of the most important design decisions you will make.

Your logo is the ‘face’ of your business and the key design component of your entire brand identity.

When it comes to your logo design there are many things to consider including what type of logo you want. 

Types of logo design include Wordmarks, Lettermarks, Pictorial Marks Emblem Logos, Abstract Logos, Combination Marks and Mascot Logos.

The type of logo you choose will effect the size of the investment you need to make in your logo design. Additionally, the number of concepts you want to see will also effect the investment outlay.

SME Rocket can help guide you through the process of designing a logo which helps get you noticed. 

We offer a wide range of logo design options from low cost logos for startups to premium logo designs which follow an in-depth design process.

Branding Colour Systems

Branding Colour Systems are a vital part of your Brand Identity as colour can be used to convey meaning, emotions, mood, etc..

The simplest and most important part of a Branding Colour System is your Primary Brand Palette. These are the main colours used in your brand and within your logo.

You cannot brand your business without defining your brand colours. There are however other parts to Colour Systems that perform key functions.

Here are a few examples:

Print Colour Palette – this is typically part of your Primary Brand Palette and it makes use of CMYK* colours to allow for printing. Your Digital colours will use the RGB* colours.

Digital Colour Palette – this is a colour palette reserved for use in website and App design to define the colours of such things as buttons, user interface elements, form fields and messages.

Most importantly the use of Colour Systems allows for consistent branding. Whether you need a simple or a complex Branding Colour System, SME Rocket has your back.

CMYK – Cyan – Magenta – Yellow – Black | RGB – Red – Green – Blue

Social Branding

When it comes to defining and designing your Brand Identity in todays digital age, it is necessary to take into account how your brand will appear across multiple social networks.

There is very little standardization from social network to social network where it comes to how they represent other brands. While most networks allow the creation of ‘Pages’ or ‘Profiles’ for use by brands and companies, the design of these pages varies greatly.

While most social networks have opted for logo placement in a square box, the cover or banner images sizes vary greatly as does the visibility of these designs across different devices and screen types.

This it is important to ensure your logo has a square version or is square to begin with in order to take social network profile design restrictions into account.

Additionally, branded cover images will need to be designed for each network to be used by your brand.

As part of our branding solutions SME Rocket can design brand assets for multiple social networks using the most up to date sizes and according to network best practices.

Brand Collateral

Brand Collateral goes beyond merely branded stationery…

Yes, you need to have professionally branded stationery such as a letterhead, business cards and perhaps envelopes but there are many more items that should be taken into account.

Brand Collateral can be extended into the digital realm and can include digital business cards, email footers, email templates, web banners, Powerpoint templates and more.

Additional brand requirements may include shareholder reports, sales forms, surveys, marketing templates for flyers, brochures, pop up banners, posters and almost an kind of document both print or digital.

While typically marketing material will fall under marketing collateral in reality branding and marketing collateral are really two sides of the same coin.

Whether you opt to create pre-branded templates for use in designing marketing material or you choose to use brand guidelines to ensure branding consistency in marketing materials the goal is the same, create recognition, trust, desire and drive action.

No matter if your brand collateral needs are simple or complex, SME Rocket can launch you to new heights.

Brand Guidelines

Defining your brand and designing all the visual elements that make up your brand identity is really just the first part of your branding journey.

Maintaining brand consistency and communicating your brand as intended is the longest part of your journey. And it is a journey that should be taken with a map.

When it comes to your brand guidelines there are a number of options available to you.

Where affordability is a concern, you can opt for a simple Brand Guide contained in several pages or even a single page.

An extension to this comes in the form of a Brand Guidelines Poster, which can contain additional brand usage information and can be displayed in your offices where needed.

For more comprehensive branding needs which may include branding guidelines for digital, print, décor, photography, strategy and communications brand applications, a Brand Identity Manual will no doubt be your best option.

No matter your branding needs, SME Rocket will help you stand out and stay consistent.

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