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Custom eCommerce Store Design - SME Rocket eCommerce Agency


Why Custom?
eCommerce Features

Invest From

$ 5000

Standard Payment Terms: 50% Deposit with balance due prior to ‘Go Live’  |  Payment Plans Available: 3 – 6 months interest free.

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The content you will need to provide includes all written content for your web pages and products as well as all product images and supporting images, graphics, logos etc.

Other content includes payment gateway account logins for integrating payment gateways, email addresses for contact forms, phone numbers, social links, product pricing, etc.

If you need help with copywriting, or branding for your store we can include this as part of your store build stages as we offer the above services tailored to eCommerce.

Custom eCommerce store builds can take anywhere from 2 – 6 months depending on the complexity and how many build stages are required.

Some stores may launch within 2 – 3 months but have upgrades applied for several months.

Since all our custom eCommerce stores feature a powerful theme builder it is possible to update the design of the entire store or just sections in the future.

Depending on your retainer plan such design upgrades may be available at no cost or they may require a redesign quote.

We will add a limited number of products for you based on the project specs. This could be a few hundred products or even thousands of products.

Your store supports an unlimited number of products with the only limitations being your server specifications and storage space.

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