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The Definition of Domain Name

Domain Namea domain name is a unique name that identifies a particular website. It is used to make a collection of web pages that make up a website easily accessible and identifiable to users as well as to identify who controls or owns such web pages.

The web pages that make up a website are stored on servers or your hosting account which has a server address and one or more IP addresses. Trying to access a website by remembering a server or IP address is not practical. This is where domain names come in.

A domain name makes it easy to identify and find web pages that are related by ownership, control, author, organisation etc. A domain name is linked to what is known as a Top-Level Domain (TLD) to create a usable website address.

Examples of TLDs are .com., .net, .org, etc.

Domain names make it easy to find and identify websites.

See also: Website, Top-Level Domain, Server, Hosting Account, WordPress, URL


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