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The Definition of Encrypted

Encrypted – if something is encrypted it means the information or data is being converted into a code in order to protect the data or information from being viewed by someone who is not authorized to view it. Your device, server, application and thus you, will decrypt the information if your connection is authorised to view the information and it has the right decryption key.

Most websites these days have encrypted connections which means that data that gets sent from a website to a server cannot be intercepted and read by a third party. This means that things like contact form submissions, log in details and online shop purchases cannot be read by anyone who is not authorised to view the info. This helps keep you safer on the Internet

Encryption makes intercepting data much harder and is an important security layer to prevent hackers from gaining access to private information and data.

Websites make use of SSL certificates to encrypt their connection and thus SSL certificates are vital when setting up your website.

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