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The Definition of Marketing

Marketingis the process of conceptualising and creating a product or service, packaging it desirably, and placing it in front of your target market in such a way as to generate the maximum potential sales.

Marketing is far more than just promotion or advertising. By definition, selling is a part of marketing and you cannot separate sales and marketing as they are two parts of a whole.

If you look at Marketing as a complete sequence of actions it would look like this:

  1. Conceptualize your product (Ideas, innovation, reinvent …)
  2. Identify a target market (Market research, surveys …)
  3. Create your product (Manufacture, design, source, develop …)
  4. Package your product to appeal to your target market (Branding, package design, photography, graphic design …)
  5. Promote your product to your target market (Public Relations, Advertising, Networking, Telesales, Search Engines, Social Media, etc.)
  6. Close the maximum amount of sales possible (Lead generation, eCommerce, direct sales …)

To do Marketing successfully it must be combined with good Branding and Public Relations, as these work together and cannot be separated.

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Gordon Wridgway
Gordon Wridgway
Founder and CEO of SME Rocket. Gordon is passionate about eCommerce and growing small businesses into big businesses.
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