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The Definition of Web Hosting

Web Hosting – a web hosting account gives you access to a portion of a server (large computer) where you can store the files that make up your website. The server then connects to the Internet and allows people to access your website. Many web hosting accounts also allow you to set up email accounts that are linked to the domain name you chose as well as the ability to install other applications.

There are many different types of web hosting accounts and plans that you can choose from. Some web hosting accounts are geared towards new website owners, others are for large companies that require very powerful servers.

For example, a shared web hosting account allows lots of small websites to share the storage space and resources of a single server. This is a good option when starting out as it does not cost a lot each month.

For a large eCommerce business, the server needs will be very different. Not only does a website like this attract a lot more visitors but it also will typically have many web pages to display all the products, it also has a checkout system that needs to be reliable. A large eCommerce shop will typically prefer a dedicated server that provides more storage space and processing power.

Web hosting can be scaled according to your needs, which will allow you to start small and increase your storage space and server resources as you need to.

When starting out, it is worth starting with a web hosting account that provides adequate storage space for your website and also allows you to send emails using your own domain name and thus look more professional and established.

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Gordon Wridgway
Gordon Wridgway
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