Don’t Make This Branding Mistake


It is easy to make this branding mistake when you are unfamiliar with the subject. It is after all a large subject that requires some expertise to apply effectively.

That said, many people, beginner and pro alike, have made the same fundamental branding mistake. As branding is a vital part of starting and growing a business it is time to correct this mistake.

The simple branding mistake many people make is thinking their logo is their brand.

Most entrepreneurs build their business around a passion for a particular product or service. Their logo is often an afterthought and after several years in business, many have still not formally established their brand.

Many entrepreneurs and SMEs come to think of their logo as their brand as it becomes strongly associated with their business and its products or services. Logos (link to definition) are often defined as being a brand but this is not true.

Your logo, while a part of your brand, is not a complete brand. Your brand is a combination of many things both by design and also somewhat outside of your control.

To fully understand what a brand is it is important to properly define it. Click here to read the definition of ‘brand’ in our Digital Business Glossary.

Once you understand what the term brand means you will realise the importance of branding as well as see how it relies heavily on the vision of a company’s founder.

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Gordon Wridgway
Gordon Wridgway
Founder and CEO of SME Rocket. Gordon is passionate about eCommerce and growing small businesses into big businesses.
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