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#1 Tip to Increase Advert Effectiveness

#1 Tip to Increase Advert Effectiveness - SME Rocket eCommerce Agency

Every business owner would like to increase advert effectiveness. The most obvious benefits are increased leads and sales and thus better ROI.

There are many ways to advertise both online and offline and depending on the advert method being used there are of course numerous technical optimisations that can be made in order to increase advert effectiveness.

Every day I see examples of poorly thought out and executed adverts. I have lost count of how many times I have seen a billboard or poster with text so small it is impossible to read while driving. Or there is just too much text to read.

Then there are those annoying online banner ads. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against advertising, far from it. Businesses have to promote or they go out of business. While consumers might feel annoyed, even their salaries are dependent on their employer advertising.

But why is it we get annoyed with adverts? There is a fundamental reason, and that reason is also the key to increasing advert effectiveness.

The key to effective adverts is knowing your public.

Increase Advert Effectiveness Through Surveys

You must know exactly who you are trying to communicate with using your advert and you must know how to get them to respond.

Getting a response from someone requires that you know what their desires, fears and pain points are. You have to know what will trigger an emotional response.

While there are very specific strategies and techniques that should be used to gain these insights, for the purposes of this article the most fundamental thing you need to do is have some conversations with your public.

You can start with existing customers who match the profile or the public you wish to advertise to.

Survey them, ask them some questions about how they feel about topics related to your products or the problems your products solve. Make notes. Survey as many people as you can and then look for common answers.

When you find a problem or desire that seems common to a majority of those you surveyed and they have some sort of an emotional response be sure to use it in your adverts. You can communicate the idea in your advert text or even in the imagery if the idea is easily communicated that way.

Key Takeaway: Know your customer and tailor your advertising message to them in order to get a response that allows you to communicate further.

Are you a Visionary Entrepreneur looking to increase advert effectiveness? Get in touch to find out how we can help you succeed.

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