December 2021 Inspiration, Stories & Mindsets

December 2021

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Get More Out of Your eCommerce Store

If you run an eCommerce business you will no doubt want to get more out for your eCommerce store. There are many approaches and optimizations you can make to enhance your online store’s performance and increase your sales. There are however a number of key areas you will need to pay attention to. Why would

How to Create More Content in Less Time

In today’s digital age there is a never-ending need to create more content. Whether it is emails, social posts, blog articles, whitepapers, ebooks, guides, podcasts, videos, slideshows there often does not seem to be enough time in the day to do it all. But there are ways to increase the amount of content you can

Inspiration, Stories & Mindsets

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December 2021 Inspiration, Stories & Mindsets

The #1 Success Rule for Entrepreneurs

There are many ‘Rules’ of success, many habits, strategies, tactics, actions, etc. But there is a success rule for entrepreneurs that comes before all others. Violation of this rule leads to failure, sometimes it is a quick failure but more often than not, it is a slow drawn-out failure on the road to nowhere. The

December 2021 Inspiration, Stories & Mindsets

Why Strategy is the Ultimate Shortcut to Success

Most entrepreneurs struggle to succeed, some achieve moderate success and a handful build empires. The dream of success tends to give rise to the search for a shortcut to success. Millions of entrepreneurs are trying to build a successful business. Many will fail and give up. Many will fail and pick themselves up and carry

December 2021 Inspiration, Stories & Mindsets

The Struggle for Success is More Valuable than Success

Most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that the struggle for success was more valuable to them than the actual success they achieved.  Why would this be when it is the successes of entrepreneurs that get praised? Is entrepreneurship really all about achieving success or is it about the journey, the adventure, and the struggle along


Digital Business Glossary
Know Your Words

SSL Certificate

The Definition of SSL Certificate SSL Certificate – an SSL certificate is


The Definition of Encrypted Encrypted – if something is encrypted it means

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December 2021 Inspiration, Stories & Mindsets

How to Increase Word of Mouth Promotion

So you want to increase your word of mouth promotion? The first step is to understand what word of mouth promotion, or WOM, actually is and then you can begin to not only generate it but increase it. So most people will agree that word of mouth promotion is what you get when your customers

December 2021 Inspiration, Stories & Mindsets

How to Increase Trust and Boost Sales

If you want to boost sales then you have to increase trust and affinity for both your product, company, and your sales process or salesperson. Here are a number of ways you can boost sales by improving trust and affinity. 1. Ask thoughtful questions. The key to building trust is to understand your customer’s needs.

December 2021 Inspiration, Stories & Mindsets

Is Your Marketing Being Sabotaged?

Is your marketing being sabotaged and if so what can you do about it? If your business is not achieving its sales goals or you seem to be struggling with sales in general then chances are you have a marketing issue. Marketing and sales are two sides of the same coin, so if you find

December 2021 Inspiration, Stories & Mindsets

How to Increase Your Email Open Rates

One of the best ways to increase email marketing campaign performance is to increase your email open rates. But how do you effectively improve your open rates? Before I go through the email marketing tricks you can use, it is worth breaking down an email into certain key components. (Be sure to read to the

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