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Server Speed

Having a website that loads fast starts with having a web server that prioritizes speed.

When you are just starting your eCommerce business you may not have the budget for ultra fast servers. But this does not mean you should have to start with slow servers either.

A good quality eCommerce hosting plan should have certain basics in place to ensure your eCommerce website has the resources it needs to serve it’s web pages reasonably fast.

Using SSDs (Solid State Drives) is a must for fast access to data. Additionally, your eCommerce hosting account should allow for the use of the latest versions of PHP so that you can get more out of the latest versions of WordPress.

SME Rocket offers a wide range of eCommerce Hosting options, all of which include SSDs and the latest versions of PHP. 

Whether you are targeting the South African market or your online store must be available internationally, we have a server solution that can give you a strong foundation.

Storage Space & Bandwidth

Some online stores have only a few products while others have thousands. Some digital businesses sell online courses, others downloads, others physical products.

Regardless of what you are selling, you need sufficient server storage space in order to present your products. If you are selling downloads you will need space for your download files which could vary in size from a few megabytes to hundreds of megabytes.

You need eCommerce hosting that gives you enough storage space and bandwidth to allow your visitors to easily access your website and its products.

SME Rocket’s eCommerce Hosting options give you the right balance between storage space and bandwidth versus cost.

Never run out of storage space or bandwidth. Don’t pay more for space you don’t need. Start simple and scale up as needed.

Scaling Up

When you are just starting an eCommerce business you don’t need massive server resources or storage space. However, as you grow, you will need to scale up your servers to handle additional traffic and more customers going through your checkout.

For affordability we always recommend starting with a Startup eCommerce Hosting plan that gives you enough server speed and storage to start comfortably while being affordable.

When your online store starts to attract higher traffic volumes then scaling up to use powerful custom managed servers will give you the power and performance you need.

SME Rocket’s managed server options are not only powerful but surprisingly affordable. While we don’t normally recommend this option for new eCommerce stores, the extra processing power can speed your online store to success that much faster without breaking the bank.

Get in touch with SME Rocket today to get the right eCommerce Hosting options for your online store and budget.


Security & Stability

You can’t run a successful eCommerce business if your website and server is vulnerable or unstable.

Online security is more important than ever as cyber threats continue to multiply and target websites and online business both large and small.

SME Rocket’s eCommerce hosting Plans include the following security features:

  • Let’s Encrypt SSL/TLS
  • DDoS* Protection & Mitigation
  • ModSecurity (Web Application Firewall)
  • Spam Filtering
All hosting plans include a 99.9% uptime guarantee so you can have peace of mind that your online store will be operational and helping you to Conquer Digital Space™.

* Distributed Denial of Service