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Good eCommerce website design puts the focus on your products and makes purchasing easy!

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What Are You Selling?

Before getting started with eCommerce website design it is essential to understand the products or services being sold.

Today’s eCommerce technology enables you to sell just about anything online. Whether you offer physical products, downloadable products, services, training courses, memberships, etc. you can sell it online and build a digital business.

While each online store has shares many of the same functions, some stores require additional functions or have different customer journeys and expectations.

For example, if you sell books online your eCommerce store is going to differ in functionality from someone who sells online courses. 

Someone selling online courses will require the integration of a LMS (Learning Management System). The inclusion of an LMS means your eCommerce website design will also differ. 

No matter what you wish to sell, we’ll take the time to understand your vision and provide you with the right eCommerce website design for you to successfully launch your digital business.

Website Planning

You cannot reach space without first planning the design of your rocket, space shuttle and Launchpad. Establishing yourself in digital space also requires planning.

If you truly wish to launch a successful eCommerce business then you need to start with planning. Correct planning of an eCommerce website design requires the following:

  • Defining Functionality and Features
  • Information Architecture
  • Wire framing
  • User Journey Mapping
  • Branding & Colour Systems
  • Content Collection/Creation

The above website planning steps can be simple or complex depending on the size of your online store. Following these steps will improve the quality and usability of your website whether your online store is large or small.

Speak to SME Rocket today and we’ll help determine the right planning approach for your digital business.

User Interface Design

Once proper website planning has taken place it is possible to start with eCommerce website design. The design of a website is a type of graphic design known as User Interface Design.

The user interface is the visual part or frontend of a website that your visitors see and use to find and access information about your products.

Good eCommerce website design combined with good website planning priorities usability and makes it easy for your visitors to find and access information. 

Additionally, quality design keeps your brand consistent and memorable and makes you look professional while placing the focus on your products.

If you are investing in an online store, don’t take shortcuts, which will cost you more money in the long term. Get your eCommerce website design done right the first time. 

Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can ensure your online store not only looks amazing but converts your visitors into customers.


eCommerce Development

Once your eCommerce website has been planned, all the content collected and the user interface design has been established, it is time to start with the development stage.

eCommerce development will combine your content and graphic design with the functionality needed to run an eCommerce store.

This stage will take care of all the backend plugin configurations and settings as well as integrations between different software elements. 

Development can turn user interface designs into smart templates that can be used to efficiently present content as well as integrate all custom designed webpages such as your homepage and landing pages into a completed website.

Once complete, you or your Webmaster will be able to access and edit store content and products as well as manage product orders and even marketing automations.

Whether you wish to fully manage your store or just handle order management we can develop and maintain an online store that works for you.

Mobile Responsive Design

Mobile responsive design is an essential part of eCommerce website design. 

During the planning, user interface and development stages of your eCommerce website we take mobile functionality into account.

All eCommerce stores that SME Rocket designs and develops include mobile responsive design as standard. 

A number of more advanced mobile store design options can be included too. These can be included from the planning phase right through to development.

Whether you wish to plan and design mobile responsive webpages in additional to desktop pages or you want to go even further with AMP* (Accelerated Mobile Pages) or PWA** (Progressive Web Apps) we can help you choose the right options for your digital business.

Start today and you too can Conquer Digital Space™.

* AMP or Accelerated mobile pages allows developers to build web pages that load almost instantly.

** PWA or Progressive Web Apps are mobile website experiences designed to look and feel like native mobile apps.