10 Ways To Make Money With Your Blog – Top Ideas to Try

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In a survey of 1,117 bloggers, two-thirds of them stated that their main motivation for starting their blog was to make money. So how do they make money blogging?

Yes, you really can make money with your blog. Here are 10 ways to do it. 

In a survey of 1,117 bloggers, two-thirds of them stated that their main motivation for starting their blog was to make money. The majority of those who felt this way were earning over $50,000 per year. 

While this was their number one reason for their blog they did also state that they felt the most important factor in helping them make money was providing quality content. This is obviously very important to have a successful blog with high volumes of visitors. 

Interestingly, in this survey of bloggers, the ones earning over $50,000 a year did not use Adsense as their main source of income but rather selling their own product. 

I’ve looked around quite a bit and found several ways you can make money with your blog and listed them out there. 

Be sure to read to the end for a link to another article where I take a more in-depth look at how bloggers make money online.

1. Adsense

The most commonly used method to make money with one’s blog is with Adsense. While this method does allow for an easy way to make money once you have lots of traffic – it does not generate huge revenue. 

That said, there are a few bloggers who have managed to reach such huge volumes of traffic that they actually did receive a sizeable paycheck from Google. So I wouldn’t dismiss it entirely.

The more spaces you allow on your site for Adsense the more you can potentially make, but do keep your user experience in mind. 

You can learn more about Adsense and decide if it’s what you want for your blog by going here

2. Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate is a kind of like an ambassador for a brand or product. There are many, many people and companies have products or services they sell and they pay good-sized commissions to anyone that helps them sell it. 

If you can get high volumes of traffic to your site and build up your own email list then you could make money from affiliate marketing. 

To start affiliate marketing you would need to sign up as an affiliate with anyone that offers affiliate commission. Be sure to find a product or service that you believe in and are happy to blog about to get the relevant traffic to your site. 

You’ll receive a link that will allow the company you are marketing to track whenever a sale is generated from your traffic. 

One place to start is clickbank.com, but continue to research and find better deals and ways to do this type of selling. 

3. Product Sales

Having one’s own product or service to sell generates a good amount of revenue but it’s not always easy to keep up with. One has to create the product or service, market it (blogging and social media) and then deliver it. 

Some products lend themselves to this more than others. However, this is the number one way that bloggers earning over $50,000 a year earn that income. 

 This method of making money with your blog can be done in conjunction with a few of the other methods quite easily. Just keep in mind your user experience. In other words, don’t chase away potential buyers of $200 products because you put up a ton of Adsense ads everywhere which only produce a few dollars a month. 

4. Ad Space

If your blog is getting lots and lots of traffic then people and businesses will be willing to pay for space on your site to advertise their product. 

It would be similar to Adsense on your site except that you can control who advertises on your site and it could be more remunerative. This would require further marketing and time finding people who want to advertise with you. 

The first thing to do here is to ensure you get stable, high traffic volumes to your site before you contact potential advertisers. 

5. Product Reviews

Essentially you will be an affiliate marketer here but with a different angle. Instead of just writing about the product you would get your hands on it and do a detailed review that would be beneficial to anyone wanting to purchase it. 

Some companies selling these products will actually provide the product to get a good review if you have enough of a following and are getting enough monthly traffic. 

To start out you will need some funds to get a few products to review that you want to sell. People do trust reviews so if you consistent and put out enough content like this you should see results. 

6. Ebooks

When it comes to blogging you’ll be putting out good content all year round. So compiling an ebook becomes an easy task. Take content you already have, put it together and add to it so it becomes amazing content. 

In 2017 there were 162 million ebooks sold. As with anything though, there is a strategy. You will need to write on something that is popular and sought after. You’ll also need to make sure you have a book launch strategy so you get sales going as soon as your book is ready. 

This is a decent book launch strategy but there are many, many more out there which each offer their own useful info. 

7. Online Course

The internet is a place to get loads of information and learn. But, as I’m sure you’ve discovered, it can be really scattered and sometimes unreliable. 

People are then understandably willing to pay for online courses where the data is well put together and all in one place. 

If you understand your subject really well and put something like this together you can provide a valuable product to your audience and make money with your blog. 

Sensei and LearnDash are a couple of great WP plugins you can use to create your online course. 

8. Live Workshops

Similar to a course, but this would be set up in a space for your audience to come to you. To do this successfully you would need to have a large following on your blog who are in your area. 

There is a lot more setting up to be done for a live workshop, and obviously, you would need to be comfortable talking in front of a small crowd. 

You can, however, charge more for a live workshop and some people prefer having this type of face to face interaction. They can learn a lot more where they can ask questions to ensure they do fully understand what is being talked about. 

9. Memberships and Subscriptions

On your blog, you can offer information or areas of your blog site which are for premium members only. This allows you to charge a small monthly membership or subscription fee if a person wants to access that specific information. 

A lot of readers are happy to pay a small monthly fee if they value the information enough. 

“Don’t just give free content; give your best content, for free.” Peter Voogd

His theory is that you give away great content – the who, the what and the why, all for free. With such good content, you should start to build plenty of followers on your blog. Then you can charge for the how. 

This is a really good strategy that benefits both the audience and the blogger. 

10. Email Marketing

I save the best for last. Having a big list of email subscribers is a gold mine. These are people who have elected to be contacted by you by email. These are ‘cold’ leads that can be cultivated into a sale. And even better they can be cultivated multiple times on multiple products. 

There are several strategies on how to build your email database. This will be covered in detail in upcoming blog articles.

One way that you can start with is to offer a small ebook, checklist or some downloadable that people can get in exchange for giving you their email address with consent to send them future communication. 

So in summary, in order to make money with your blog, the primary focus is getting a lot of traffic to it! Once you have that you can pick and choose which of these methods you would like to use to make money. 

I’m sure there are actually hundreds of ways to monetize a blog. Many of which have not been thought of or tried yet. The above are just a few ways which have been tried and tested and proven to be successful. 

Please let me know in the comments if there is anything specific topic with regards to marketing, blogging, blog design, etc, etc that you would like me to cover and I’ll do my best to put it together for you.

Read this article for a deeper dive into how bloggers make money online.

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