South African Mom Blogs with Inspirational Content & Design

South African Mom Blogs with Inspirational Content & Design - SME Rocket - eCommerce Solutions for Visionary Entrepreneurs
South African Mom Blogs with Inspirational Content & Design - SME Rocket - eCommerce Solutions for Visionary Entrepreneurs
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Meet a few of South Africa’s Top Mom Bloggers

For some time now I have wanted to share some examples of blogs and bloggers from South Africa who are busy conquering digital space.

So over the weekend, I did a little Googling and after several cups of coffee and many blogs later I had narrowed down the list to seven mom blogs. I will, in time, add to this list so if you know of any other inspiring mom blogs that you think should be on this list please do let me know in the comments.

The Purpose Behind the Post

So this article is really meant to showcase what some dedication to blogging, hard work and a great deal of creativity can look like down the road. I hope it will inspire you to start a blog of your own and provide you with some examples of successful blogs.

I feel blogging holds a great deal of potential for South Africa’s entrepreneurs and small businesses who are looking to build or rebuild businesses.

The two most basic aspects of building a business are Production & Promotion. You have got to produce something and then you have to promote it to the right markets or create those markets.

Why do I think blogging has an important part to play? Blogs and Bloggers have the potential to become influencers and shape market perceptions. A good blogger can build a quality audience. Access to this audience is a product that a blogger can exchange for money with small businesses that are looking to reach that specific audience.

In the Digital Age, communities built by influencers around niches* are going to become even more important as a way of generating income for both bloggers and small businesses.

In a future article, I will discuss in more detail, why I feel blogging holds represents a great opportunity for South African entrepreneurs and SMEs.

* “Niche – (adjective) denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.”

How I Chose the Mom Blogs Listed

Blog Content Quality

The most important thing about a blog is its content. Content is the reason people visit blogs, why they get excited, why they sign-up for mailing lists, and engage on social media. Content is communication, it is the message and if that message resonates well with a group of people you will build an audience.

When I looked at each mom blog I looked for fresh content, for blog articles that followed relevant topics and growing social followings, mailing list size indications and comments.

All the blogs listed in this article have great content that speaks to the intended audiences.

Blog Design Quality & Usability

Blog design was actually the first thing I looked at. Not because it is the most important aspect of a blog but because it is the first thing you notice.

Good blog design is about function over form. Usability must be a priority and aesthetics should be functional in that it should support the message of the content.

While there are definite blog design trends when it comes to mom blog design, none of the below blogs looks like another. Each blog has its own flavour and personality no doubt shaped by the blogger’s personal preference and perhaps the audiences too.

All of the below blogs are well enough designed to place the content front and centre. I have not listed them in any sort of order.

Right, let’s meet some awesome SA mom bloggers… (please do take the time to visit the below blogs.)

Modern Zulu Mom

Thando is the blogger behind the Modern Zulu Mom blog. Started in 2015, Thando’s blog has clearly grown from strength to strength and continues to inspire and connect with her audience.

The Modern Zulu Mom blog has a wonderful clean blog design that makes focusing on the content a breeze. Looking for your own blogging motivation? Be sure to visit Thando’s stunning minimalist blog.

Just a Mamma

Meet Mari-Louise, the mom behind the Just a Mamma blog. Mari-Louise runs a great looking blog featuring many inspiring, interesting, and useful blog articles.

From parenting to DIY, food, photography, pregnancy, and even a little something for dads, Mari-Louise’s blog will give you hours of reading pleasure.

The Just a Mamma blog has a really pleasing aesthetic which is not just pretty but quite functional. For both blog design and creative content be sure to click the link above.

Phumza Marumo

Phumza Marumo runs a mom blog under her personal brand. She is a trained performer and photographer.

Apart from working on what I would say is a wonderful cleanly designed blog with some really good content, Phumza is also building her YouTube channel.

YouTube is becoming ever more important for bloggers and it can be a touch thing putting yourself out there on video. So it is really great to see Phumza venturing onto this channel.

Be sure to take a look at Phumza’s blog and YouTube channel.

Harassed Mom

Laura Kim is the writing talent behind the Harassed Mom blog. Laura’s blog is packed with a wide range of interesting and useful articles covering everything from parenting, to frugal living and more.

One definitely gets a sense of openness and humour when reading about Laura. Humour is probably a good approach when you are being harassed by your kids.

If you are looking for useful advice about raising kids and everything that comes with it then be sure to click the link above to visit the Harassed Mom blog.

High Heel & Fairy Tales

High Heels & Fairy Tales is the creative outlet of South African blogger Charlene. As a blog designer the second thing I noticed the clean blog design. The first thing was the Monte Carlo Biscuit Recipe. Good blog design has a way of getting you to notice the content, of course, I am a sucker for biscuits too.

Charlene covers a wide range of topics on her blog from parenting and travel, through many lifestyle-related topics. Be sure to read her work by clicking the link above.

Mom Talk

Claire Minnaar’s MomTalk blog is an outstanding example of great blog design combined with quality blogging. Claire’s blog covers such a wide array of topics that you are bound to find articles that will interest you.

Another aspect of her blog that I noticed immediately is the consistency of her images. Not so much the style of the images but the sizing. Many bloggers use ‘all-sorts’ sizes, which can lead to messy web page layouts. MomTalk has no such issues and as such, it looks great and makes for a pleasant user-experience.

If you are looking for some inspiration for starting your own mom blog then look no further than Claire’s MomTalk blog.

You Baby and I

Shanèy is the blogger extraordinaire behind the You, Baby and I mom blog. Shanèy has been blogging for more than six years and in that time she has won numerous awards for her blog. Not only that but she made the leap and started parenting startup MomSays.

Here then is an exceptional example of a blogger whose hard work, creativity and persistence has paid off.

For inspirational blog content, and good blog design, take some time to visit You, Baby and I and connect with Shanèy.

Wrap Up

So that brings me to the end of this post. I do hope you have been inspired or motivated by the above selection of blogs.

Blogging can be an extremely rewarding activity, even if you are not blogging to make money. Not sure what to blog about?

Read, “12 Blog Ideas For Beginners – Popular Blogging Niches” for blogging niche ideas.

Main Image Credit: Anna Shvets from Pexels

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