The World’s Top Bloggers Revealed in a Wide Range of Niches

The World's Top Bloggers Revealed in a Wide Range of Niches - SME Rocket - eCommerce Solutions for Visionary Entrepreneurs
The World's Top Bloggers Revealed in a Wide Range of Niches - SME Rocket - eCommerce Solutions for Visionary Entrepreneurs
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Take a look at this growing list of the world’s top bloggers who have revolutionized blogging in their niches.

One of the Best Ways to Learn About Blogging is To Follow Those Who Have Made it Big

These are a few of the Top Bloggers around the world you need to follow to inspire you to up your blogging game. 

Take a look at these top bloggers who have revolutionized blogging in their fields. Follow them, learn and be inspired. 

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”

Alvin Toffler

1. Rand Fishkin of and

Rand started blogging about SEO in 2004. He did this while also working for a web development company and also providing some SEO consulting for some small clients. 

SEOmoz (now grew and went into providing software and subscriptions rather than consulting. 

His company now generates millions of dollars every month from their services. Rand is actively running the company and still posts on its main blog. So, no surprises why he made it onto our Top Bloggers list. 

Follow Rand Fishkin here. 

2. Pat Flynn of

After losing his job Pat took things into his own hands and created several online, he created to track and record his progress on all of these. 

Thanks to his genuine honesty and transparency he has built up a large following of inspired readers.

To this day he still openly shares what he is doing and his earnings from them. Currently is getting an average of $50,000 per month. Not too shabby.  

Follow Pat Flynn and keep motivated. 

3. Gary Vaynerchuk of

Gary is a loud and entertaining entrepreneur from New York. He comes from a long line of wine producers. 

Through his blogging and entrepreneurial skills, he has grown his own media company as well as his online wine wholesale business. He has grown both of these into multi-million dollar industries. He is also a two time best selling author. 

Gary Vaynerchuk is definitely worth a follow. 

4. Tim Ferris of Tim Ferris Show Podcasts

Tim has authored several popular entrepreneur based books including his bestselling ‘Four Hour Work Week’. 

He believes that with some capital you should have a 4 hour work week and be able to get everything done. He blogs and podcasts and teaches people how to use the internet to grow their business and do it from their laptop anywhere in the world. 

Take a look Tim Ferris on Twitter here. 

5. Andrew Sullivan of

The Daily Dish was started by Andrew in 2000. In less than 3 years he was receiving 300,000 unique visits to that site every month. 

At this point, he decided to work on the Daily Dish full time and charged readers a $20 monthly subscription. On launch day the site took in over $330,000 in recurring revenue. How is that for smart?! 

here. For insights into what he does, follow Andrew Sullivan here. 

6. Michael Arrington of

Michael is actually a lawyer who started his career helping startups in the Tech Industry. He eventually started his blog and it’s been a rocket ride since then. 

TechCrunch is now the most widely read blog in the Tech industry. People go to his blog for everything tech-related, including funding. He is now an angel investor as well and has set up the Crunch Fund to invest in startups. 

He is definitely worth a follow, especially for a startup. Follow Michael Arrington here. 

7. Timothy Sykes

Timothy’s claim to fame is how he turned $12,000 bar-mitzvah money into over $1,000,000. His blog covers exactly how he did this through penny stock trading. 

He knew a little on penny stocks and took the time to learn more and become an expert in the field. Timothy now blogs and teaches others how to do the same through tiny stock trading every day. 

Learn about both blogging and stock trading by following Timothy Sykes

8. Darren Rowse of

Darren basically blogs about blogging. He makes his living from blogging full-time. In 2007 he was named on the Forbes Internet Celebrity List. 

He lives with his family in Melbourne, Australia while adding to his blog. His site, Problogger, is dedicated to helping other bloggers get started and build a successful blog. 

Give Darren Rowse a follow and you won’t be sorry you did. 

9. Pete Cashmore of

Pete started Mashable in 2005 and with his excellent, consistent content he grew it to what it is today. In 2009 Time Magazine named Mashable one of the 25 best blogs in the world.

The site makes most of its money through advertising. The site was sold to Ziff Davis in 2017 for $50 million. Pete says he is currently working on something new. 

Pete Cashmore is a great blogger to follow to gain insights on his success. 

10. Peter Rojas of

Peter started this site to give advice and reviews on technology and gadgets to consumers. It has become wildly popular and currently makes $5,500,000 each month. 

It was bought in 2005 by AOL and they have since been running it by continuing to provide excellent tech content. He’s on this list of top bloggers for doing so well by simply providing such great value to others. We can all take a lesson from him. 

Peter Rojas posts regularly giving good insights on his current business Betaworks Ventures. 

11. Yaro Starak of

Yaro originally started a little site about a card game called Magic: The Gathering. It was quite popular. He started an online card store with it and managed to earn a net of $1,000 a month. 

He later discovered that one of his biggest clients was using stolen credit cards to buy from his store. So he abandoned that site and went into debt. 

He turned his life around and started looking into providing editing skills to content producing companies by creating his site He now provides tips and software to companies and freelance bloggers. 

Take a look at what Yaro Starak has to say here. 

12. Jeremy Shoemaker of

His first big site,, focused on direct and affiliate marketing. He teaches others how to use these to improve their lives and increase their web income. 

He’s on this list because he earned himself nearly $132,000 solely from Adsense on his website. That’s pretty incredible. 

Jeremy Shoemaker is one of those top bloggers who could definitely provide you with some good tips and insights.


There are some pretty amazing people on this list, all worth following. One can never know it all, we need to constantly be learning. Check out these top bloggers and keep watch on them, there is a lot to learn and these guys are all already ahead of the game. 

If you inspired and ready to start your own hugely successful blog, then get in touch.

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