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The #1 Success Rule for Entrepreneurs

The #1 Success Rule for Entrepreneurs - SME Rocket Digital Business & eCommerce Agency - Conquer Digital Space

There are many ‘Rules’ of success, many habits, strategies, tactics, actions, etc. But there is a success rule for entrepreneurs that comes before all others.

Violation of this rule leads to failure, sometimes it is a quick failure but more often than not, it is a slow drawn-out failure on the road to nowhere.

The First Rule of Being an Entrepreneur

Have a Vision! If you don’t have a destination in mind how are you supposed to get anywhere?

You have to decide what you want before you can get it, before you can work out all the resources and steps you will need to take, you have to set a goal.

Personally, I don’t think most entrepreneurs lack vision or fail to set goals. I think most entrepreneurs have worked out what they are trying to achieve and have set a goal that they try to work towards.

I think the #1 success rule for entrepreneurs is applied in most cases. The trouble is how the rule is applied and this leads to all kinds of other issues that end up denying entrepreneurs the success they work so hard to achieve.

Troubles with Applying the Success Rule

The greatest enemy of your vision and goals is uncertainty!

Uncertainty is brought about in many ways. The rules of the game are changed, the playing field is moved, obstacles are put in the way, you get distracted by events around you.

In the face of uncertainty, it can be a big ask to stay focused on the prize. Often we end up trying to tackle the object in our path, or changing or shifting our goals, or giving up on them altogether.

The correct approach is to stay on target no matter what. The success rule is to have a vision and vision implies sight. Don’t focus on the obstacle, focus on your vision and goals and find ways to keep moving towards them no matter what.

How to Tackle Obstacles and Distractions

If you have defined your vision and goals then you need to ensure your vision remains clear and in focus at all times.

The way to do this is to envision your business as it would look if it were perfect.

Once you have a perfect vision in mind you can compare your current business situation with the perfect situation.

Anything that is not optimum will stick out like a Big Mac booth at a health and fitness convention.

Then all you do is remove what shouldn’t be there and strengthen what should which will move you closer to your perfect vision.

Lastly, when it comes to your goals and your vision there is really only one approach to take, it is summed up best like this …

Do or do not. There is no try.

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